Wednesday, 27 September 2017

History - Justifying the Roman Invasion

Wow!!! What amazing historians. In just two lessons, we have begun to consider the rights and wrongs of one of the biggest themes in history - invasion. With the Romans and Celts to help us, and having considered some real life metaphors for invasion, we set out to understand what is meant by "justifying" and discovered its link to justice. Having used our inference and deduction to think about how the Romans justified their invasion of the British Isles, we realised we needed to learn more about the impact it had on the people of Britain. We had lots of questions... This is what we came up with! 

and this is what we found out? 

Next we needed to weigh up wither side of the argument... Just like judges! 

We created impact graphs, looking at opposing perspectives on the same impacts. Was in possible that the Roman and Britons could have have agreed about any aspects of the invasion??

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