Thursday, 22 October 2015

Should Britain pay reparations to the Caribbean?

As part of our topic of Banquet, we have been examining the history of the slave trade from Africa to the Caribbean and modern day slavery. Today we held a formal debate to answer the question above. The children took on the roles of the British Government, representatives of the Caribbean governments, ancestors of enslaved people and slave owners, as well as others. The children elected a spokesperson. One child took the role of chairperson. The children approached the debate in such a mature manner.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

More Caribbean cooking - Coconut and Mango Cookies

Go on Mrs T - show them how it's done!

Using those maths skills - reading scales!

Caribbean cooking to complete our topic

Glazed, spiced Caribbean pineapple with cinnamon fromage frais - it didn't last long!

'Banquet' hook activity

We enjoyed predicting what was inside these exotic fruits and then tasted them:

First we tried to identify each fruit and draw what we thought it would look like inside

Some fantastic artists!

Then we cut them all open, drew what we saw and tasted them all.  Not sure about the figs...
The mango was popular!
Can you name this one?  Girls?

Fingers crossed this blog works!

Here are lots of photos of Class 6 so far this term:  week 1
Doing a 'smelly' experiment in science
Enjoying the book corner
Sitting on our 'doughnuts' 
Enjoying the new library
Our reading 'nook'
Reading workshop time
Reading comprehension
They made a solar buggy that moved